College Mall Stores and Hours

College Mall promises a successful and stress-free shopping experience. Our mall features more than 90 specialty stores and eateries, including Longhorn Steakhouse, T.G.I. Friday's, Applebee's, Bath & Body Works, The Buckle, Express, Wet Seal, Hot Topic, Hollister Co., Gymboree, The Limited, Old Navy and Victoria's Secret. Nowhere will you find more choices than at College Mall.
Mall Info
Mall Name: College Mall
Mall Address: 2894 E 3rd St
Bloomington, IN 47401
Mall Phone Number: (812) 339-3054
# Store Locations: 89
Retail Space: 637,000 square feet (larger than 56% malls in Indiana)
Additional Mall Info: Mall Website
Mall Hours
Monday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Mall Name Location Phone Number Category
Aeropostale Aeropostale can be found halfway betwwen Dicks and Target, by CJ Banks and Finish Line at College Mall. It is best accessed through Entrance C by Dicks Sporting Goods. (812) 333-1920 Men's & Women's Clothing
American Eagle Outfitters H (812) 323-1713 Men's & Women's Clothing
Anthony's Pets IAnthony's Pets is located near the food court at College Mall, between Electronics Boutique and Foot Locker. (812) 336-7088
Applebee's Bar & Grill A (812) 336-9147
AT&T Near Dick's Sporting Goods (812) 349-4016 Men's & Women's Accessories
Auntie Anne's Pretzels Food Court J (812) 323-9440
Bath & Body Works Bath & Body Works is located by Dicks Sporting Goods, between Aeropostale and Best Buy Mobile. (812) 335-0664 Health & Beauty
Bed Bath and Beyond Parking Lot (812) 339-7982 Home Goods
Best Buy Mobile Best Buy Mobile is located near Dicks Sporting Goods, between Bath & Body Works and AT&T. (812) 333-3278 Men's & Women's Accessories
Blondie's Cookies Blondie's Cookies is located near the Target Court, between Kay Jewelers and Trade Home Shoes. (812) 333-2710
Brow Art 23 Located across from Maurices and Kitchen Collections (800) 850-0773 Health & Beauty
Buckle H (812) 323-7141 Men's & Women's Clothing
Build-A-Bear Workshop Build-A-Bear Workshop is located halfway between Sears and Dicks, next to Old Navy and Maurices. (812) 333-2453 Toys & Games
Bungy Jumper The Bungy Jumper is located in the Target Court at College Mall. (812) 391-5427 Entertainment
Charlotte Russe Charlotte Russe is located near Dicks Sporting Goods between Maurices and Claires. (812) 336-0290 Women's Clothing
Chelsea's Chelsea's is located in the center court of College Mall, right outside of Target. (812) 334-8194 Men's & Women's Accessories
Chick-fil-A Food Court J (812) 332-4877
Chipotle Mexican Grill Chipotle is located on the west edge of College Mall next to Verizon. (812) 334-7623
Christopher & Banks I (812) 336-0402 Women's Clothing
Claire's Claire's is located across from Dick's Sporting Goods and next to Charlotte Russe. (812) 334-2680 Women's Accessories
College Mall Management Office J (812) 339-9370
Crazy 8 Located next to Journey's and across from Rue 21 (812) 339-6203 Children's Clothing
Dakota Watch Company Located in front of Finish Line (812) 331-6330
Dial-N-Style Located at the corner of AT&T, 3 carts Men's & Women's Accessories
Dick's Sporting Goods Located near Bath & Body Works (812) 335-1377 Men's & Women's Clothing
Earthbound Trading Company Next to Inside Scoop (812) 330-5141 Men's & Women's Accessories
ecoATM Found in 2 convenient locations: In center court across from Blondie's Cookie's and outside the entrance of Sears (858) 259-4111 Electronics & Tech
Exclusive Jewelry And Gifts Located in front of Claire's (317) 777-8706
Express Express is located by Entrance E near Macy's on the east end of the College Mall. (812) 331-3002 Men's & Women's Clothing
Fazoli's On lot (812) 332-3566
Finish Line E (812) 332-3229 Men's & Women's Clothing
Foot Locker H (812) 333-5539 Men's & Women's Clothing
Francesca's Next to Mia & Maxx Hair Salon (812) 323-3496
Gamestop GameStop is located in between Dick's Sporting Goods and Sears in College Mall. It is located across from Old Navy and is a quick walk from the food court. (812) 339-1580 Entertainment
GlowGolf Entertainment
GNC E (812) 339-6570 Grocery & Pharmacy
Gymboree H (812) 339-7128 Children's Clothing
H&M Between Sears and Dick's Sporting Goods Men's & Women's Clothing
Harvey Vintage Harvey Vintage is located diagonally across from the mall entrance to Dick's Sporting Goods by Entrance C. (812) 333-2703 Men's & Women's Accessories
Hollister Co. Hollister is located in the Macy's wing by Entrance E and is across from Express. (812) 339-4556 Men's & Women's Clothing
Home Spa Located next to The Buckle (812) 333-3488 Health & Beauty
Hot Topic H (812) 339-7670 Women's Clothing
Inside Scoop Inside Scoop is located across from the mall entrance to Sears and across from the food court. (812) 331-2866
Journeys Journeys is located by the food court between Old Navy and Crazy 8. (812) 330-9462 Men's & Women's Clothing
Justice Justice is located in the Macy's wing between Hollister and The Limited. (812) 339-5321 Women's Clothing
Kay Jewelers H (812) 323-0410 Men's & Women's Accessories
LensCrafters Lenscrafters is located right next to Entrance C and the mall entrance to Dick's Sporting Goods. (812) 334-1872 Men's & Women's Accessories
Lids Lids is located in the Center Court by entrance D next to Great XScape and Zales. (812) 333-4572 Men's & Women's Accessories
Longhorn Steakhouse On mall parking lot. (812) 334-1600
Luca Pizza di Roma Now located in the new food court near Sears (812) 336-5773
Macy's Macy's is located at the easternmost end of College Mall by S Clarizz Boulevard. (812) 333-8781 Department
MasterCuts Mastercuts is located by entrance A (by Applebee's) and is next to Inside Scoop. (812) 333-5511 Health & Beauty
Maurices Maurices is located near Dicks and is between Charlotte Russe an Build-A-Bear Workshop. (812) 339-7335 Women's Clothing
Mia & Maxx Mia & Maxx is located diagonally across from the mall entrance to Dick's Sporting Goods and is next to Harvey Vintage. (812) 332-2933 Health & Beauty
Michelle Tynan Originals Macy's wing
Motherhood at Macy's Motherhood at Macy's is located inside the Macy's store at College Mall. (812) 333-8720
Nailtique Nailtique is located in the Sears wing by entrance A and is next to the College Mall Office. (812) 333-6381 Health & Beauty
Nirvana Nirvana is located near the College Mall's center court, next to Body Central. (812) 336-8064 Men's & Women's Clothing
Nutrition Hq Located between Spencer Gifts and Earthbound Trading Company (812) 822-2954
Old Navy Old Navy is located halfway between Sears and Dick's Sporting Goods at the College Mall. (812) 333-4125 Men's & Women's Clothing
Payless ShoeSource G (812) 339-2432 Men's & Women's Shoes
Pearle Vision Pearle Vision is located near Macy's next to The Limited. (812) 332-9014 Optical & Eyewear
Piercing Pagoda Near Finish Line (812) 333-5470 Women's Accessories
Proactiv ZoomShops Kiosk outside of LensCrafters next to doors (800) 235-6050
RadioShack Radio Shack is located by Entrance D and center court across from Great XScape. (812) 336-2588 Electronics & Tech
Regis Salon H (812) 332-9333 Health & Beauty
Rogers & Hollands Jewelers Rogers and Hollands is located outside of Target in the center court at College Mall. (812) 332-2800 Women's Accessories
rue 21 rue21 is located by the food court at College Mall and is across from Old Navy. (812) 339-6426 Men's & Women's Clothing
Sears Sears is located on the northernmost end of the College Mall, closest to East Third Street. (812) 333-5800 Department
Simon Guest Services College Mall Management Office (812) 339-9370 Cards, Books & Gifts
Simply Mac Across the hall from Dick's Sporting Goods
Spencer's Gifts A (812) 334-3674
Stir Fry 88 Stir Fry 88 is located in the food court at College Mall, next to Happy Burger. (812) 339-6211
Subway Subway is located in the middle section of the mall, between Harvey Vintage and Journeys Kidz. (812) 333-5945
T.G.I. Friday's TGI Friday's is located on the western edge of College Mall, close to Entrance C and Dick's. (812) 331-1382
Target Target is located on the north side of College Mall and can be accessed from Third Street or by going around Sears. (812) 336-3473 Department
The Children's Place Next to The Indiana Shop across from Tradehome (812) 339-2842 Children's Clothing
The Indiana Shop The Indiana Shop is located in College Mall's center court and is next to Rogers & Hollands Jewelers and Home Spa. (812) 334-8265 Men's & Women's Clothing
The Limited F (812) 330-1554 Women's Clothing
The Sleep Number Store H (812) 323-2987
Ticketmaster Simon Guest Services - Mall Management Office (812) 339-9370 Entertainment
Tradehome Shoes Tradehome Shoes is located near the center court, between Blondie's and Gymboree. (812) 339-7008 Men's & Women's Shoes
Tropical Smoothie Cafe Located in the food court between Chick fil A and Stir Fry 88
Vanity Vanity is located in the Macy's wing at College Mall, between Express and PacSun. (812) 330-7240 Women's Clothing
Verizon Wireless Verizon is located on the western edge of College Mall, next to Chipotle. (812) 349-4345
Victoria's Secret F (812) 333-1908 Women's Clothing
Yankee Candle Yankee Candle is located in the Macy's wing by the center court and is between Zale's and Victoria's Secret. (812) 339-4621 Men's & Women's Accessories
Zales Jewelers F (812) 334-2629 Men's & Women's Accessories
Zumiez Zumiez is located in the middle section of College Mall, between Journeys Kidz and Wet Seal. (812) 333-3164 Men's & Women's Clothing
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