Guide to Shopping Safely Online

These days, there is often little need to set foot in an actual store to purchase the products that you want. From groceries to electronics, we are now in an era where you can buy virtually anything online. However, not all online products are created equal and shopping online comes with risks you will not find while shopping at your local shopping mall. While millions of people shop online every day, there are also millions of people falling prey to identity theft, being scammed by online retailers and those ending up with faulty products because they did not do their research. Being aware of the risks that come with shopping online will help make sure you have a positive shopping experience.


General Online Safety

Whether you shop online regularly or just want to purchase one or two hard-to-find items, it helps to know some of the basic risks you face. Don’t start shopping blindly. Instead, make sure you know how to find quality retailers, keep your identity safe and make sure you’re not overpaying for the products you want to buy.

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Avoiding Identity Theft

Becoming a victim of identity theft is a worry of many shoppers. There are numerous hackers and identity thieves just itching to get ahold of your social security number and credit card information. Learn how to avoid becoming their next victim and what to do if identity thieves find you anyway.

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Password Safety

Many online retailers store your credit card information, address and purchase history to make the shopping process easier. To help secure your information, you are asked to create a secure password. While the name of your favorite or your birthday may be an easy password to remember, it is also an easy password for hackers to figure out and gain access to your information. When choosing a password, you must keep specific guidelines in mind to help keep your information safe.

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Evaluating Online Retailers

Not all online retailers are created equal. While most of your online purchases will likely be through major retailers, when shopping for the best deal, you may come across lesser-known retailers and deal sites. Many of these retailers are legitimate, but not all of them. Before making a purchase online, learn what to look for in an online retailer to ensure your purchase is secure and the product you receive will be exactly what you expected.

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