Student Savings: The Ultimate Scholarship Resource Guide

College today costs a lot more than it did even a generation ago. Unless you happen to be financially well off or fortunate enough to have an ample college fund at your disposal, paying for school can be a real challenge. It’s important to know that scholarships are not as few and far between as it may seem – and they are not just available for the straight-A student or star athlete. In fact, there are a great many opportunities out there for students of all kinds if you know where to look. Use the links below to find trustworthy information and real opportunities to help you achieve your educational goals.


General Scholarship Search Resources

If you’re still looking for scholarships that fit your needs, look through the listings provided by the following sites and pages. These sites are established, reputable, and have put many students in touch with the resources they need to help pay for school.

Scholarship America Student Center – Scholarship America seeks to put students and parents in touch with resources to help them begin their college career. Search through open scholarships, read valuable application and testing tips, and even find community service opportunities to enrich your academic resume.

U.S. Dept. of State Financial Aid Resource Page – For another tried-and-true source of financial assistance information, try the U.S. Department of State’s resource page. Here you’ll find plenty of insight and instruction when it comes to funding your education. The page lists both government and non government-funded grants and scholarships.

Fastweb Student Resources – Fast Web is a good, reliable resource for finding schools, scholarships, and other financial aid. The site is free to use and has lots of extra features, like message boards where you can chat with other students.

Big Future by The College Board – Big Future by The College Board connects users with college recruiters – along with billions of dollars in scholarship opportunities. There’s even an interactive tool to help you create your own customized college plan.
Federal Student Aid Site – On the FSA site, you can learn the ins and outs of the federal lending program and apply for aid to see how much you qualify for. Make sure you use the links on the site to apply, since some websites will try to charge you for this service. You should never have to pay to access or fill out a federal loan application (FAFSA).


Special Circumstance Scholarships

There are a lot of scholarships and grants available for specific groups who may have been traditionally underserved at higher learning institutions. The sites and pages in this section will connect you with trusted organizations who work hard to help fuel diversity in the American higher education system.

Scholarships for Latino Students – This page keeps an updated PDF document available for download containing a list of scholarship opportunities for Latino scholars.

NAACP Scholarship Page – One of the major goals of the NAACP is to help provide educational opportunities for members of the African American community. Here you’ll find information about applying for financial benefits, as well as a list of scholarships offered specifically to African American students.

LGBT Scholarship Resources – This helpful tool, created and updated by the Human Rights Campaign, allows you to perform a state-by-state search for scholarships that are available to LGBT students.

American Indian College Fund – The American Indian College Fund helps to provide opportunities for American Indian students who want to further their education. The group’s work also includes the preservation of indigenous language and culture.
Financial Aid for Students With Disabilities – This article, found on the University of Washington’s website, has all kinds of great resources for college-bound students who have a disability.


Scholarships Based on Field of Study

Sometimes, groups and individuals make funds available for students pursuing their education in a particular field. If you already have your career path mapped out, check here for some major-specific grants, scholarships, fellowships, and other opportunities.

Scholarships for Music Students – If you plan to be a music major, look at The National Association for Music Education’s site. There you’ll find scholarships and other opportunities designed particularly for music students. Scholarship Page – Engineering students should check out this great list of scholarships available only to those students pursuing a career as an engineer.

Aid Opportunities for Art Students – This excellent page comes from the College Art Association, and is full of information about currently available scholarships, grants, and fellowships for students of the arts.

Financial Aid for Nursing Students – If you seek a career in nursing, this site is a great place to start. There are actually quite a few grants and scholarships that are offered exclusively to nursing students.

AMA List of Grants, Awards, and Scholarships – If you aspire to become a doctor, the American Medical Association has several programs through which medical students can apply for financial assistance.


Other Specialized Scholarships

These pages and sites all cater to students with specific educational goals – like studying abroad or being the first in their family to obtain a college degree. You may be surprised to find that you meet the criteria for a specialized grant or scholarship simply due to your life situation or your unique outlook.

International Scholarship Search – For students who want to attend college in another country, the International Scholarship Search page is an incredibly valuable resource. Students are able to search through a large database of international scholarship and study abroad opportunities.

Scholarships and Grants for Single Mothers – keeps this list of annual scholarships extended exclusively to single mothers trying to juggle the challenges of going to school while raising their children.

First Generation Scholarships – This article from U.S. News lists several great financial assistance opportunities for people who are the first in their family to attend college.

Financial Assistance for Service Members and Veterans – Visit this page for a comprehensive directory of scholarships, grants, and fellowships established for service members and veterans of the U.S. military. Many of the assistance opportunities are also extended to the immediate family members of any veteran or serviceman or woman.